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Meet the Horses


Here at Hot To Trot School of Equitation Hannah has hand-picked and schooled a select number of horses and ponies for their performance and temperament.



Daisy is our smallest pony at 12hh high, she is a registered Welsh section A dapple grey mare who was foaled 29/05/09.


Daisy is firm favourite with all our young riders, being a kind, quiet and yet responsive little pony.


She loves gymkhana games in particular and has been to several shows and is always in the rosettes!

Hot To Trot School Of Equitation with Daisy

Jasmine (Jazz)

Jasmine (Jazz) is one of our most glamorous horses (And she knows it!) She’s a bright bay with four matching white socks and standing at 16.2hh she’s perfect for our taller riders.


She’s a German bred horse that has many ‘feathers to her cap’ with being an accomplished dressage horse, a jumper and she also makes a splendid side saddle mount.


Flump is a super dapple grey full up 14.2hh mare, she was foaled in 2009.


If you like the traditional cob with bags of flowing feathers, a long mane and tail then Flump is the one for you!  She is a fabulous obedient forward going ride, who loves jumping with a real passion.

Flump has a sitting trot that gives her the nick name of – ‘DFS’ (The sofa company) due to her super smooth comfy gait that even our beginners find easily achievable.


Flump is our first choice for any ‘bareback’ practice as once again her stature makes her an ideal ride.


Hot To Trot School Of Equitation and Flump

Miss Piggy

Miss Piggy is so named as she was definitely not first in line for good looks! But she’s a lovely little grey Andalusian mare of 14hh high.


She was foaled 01/01/02. Miss Piggy is a more experienced ride being a forward going pony, although she does have very good brakes.


She loves hacking out and jumping and is a great pony to teach riders on the lunge with.




Hot To Trot School Of Equitation and Miss Piggy


Puzzle is a real super 12.2hh sweetie.  She’s a very attractive ‘patchwork’ colour scheme termed as ‘skewbald’ She’s a  mare that is ‘aged’ meaning she has lots of experience.


Puzzle is the perfect lead rein and first pony for young children to make their first steps in their riding career never taking advantage of the little ‘wobbly ones’.


Although older Puzzle still shows considerable flair when it comes to jumping and takes the children over with care and a steady stride ensuring a great start for them.

Hot To Trot School Of Equitation and Puzzle


Digger is a firm favourite amongst our more experienced riders.


He’s a well-schooled, forward going 14.2hh black traditional type gelding.


Digger loves jumping and is extremely brave, nothing seems to faze him, he regularly attends shows and is always bringing back rosettes.


He’s a great hack out with bags of energy definitely not a plod!


Ink is our mini maxi cob! He’s only 13.2hh but is extremely well built.  As with all of our lovely ponies, Ink is not a plod but a sweet obedient chap.


He’s a piebald pony (He loves the mud a lot and is always the one that finds the very muddiest place in the field to roll) He normally has a lot of feather on his legs unless we have the clippers out!


He’s another one who likes to jump and regularly attends shows and is always proving himself to be a little super star!


Ellie is a 15.2hh super smart, lightweight bay cob.


She’s always delighted to be ridden and is most easily described as ‘enthusiastic’!  Ellie has many talents, she’s an accomplished jumper with British Show Jumping winnings, she’s a great bold Cross-Country ride, she carries a side saddle with grace and elegance having competed on the County circuit doing this pursuit.


Ellie is very much for our more experienced riders who all love her energetic attitude to life.


Poppy is a great little black mare, she’s 13.2hh and built very well, a striking looking pony with her four white socks and blaze.


Poppy is always a kind and steady ride for beginners and nervous riders.


Sugar is a cracking 13.2hh jumping ‘machine’ , she  loves jumping and ‘Wow’ what a jump’!  Sugar’s a really super piebald lightweight cob type pony.


She’s a forward going pony so super for our riders that are looking to move on from the first pony type ride, she’s kind and always looks after her riders with a huge amount of care.




Truffle is very much a hairy traditional bay mare with a huge white blaze on her face.  She’s a good size of 14.2hh, so she’s suitable for both children and small adults. Truffle is a quiet, sensitive, gentle ride.


Again another of our ponies that has many talents, being a good jumper, enthusiastic across country and she’s a super well behaved hunter.

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